In 2017, the first building of our new Campus opened, with its own onsite well and water capture system. In 2018, the second building, dedicated to Bosco Silva; and the Rodney Barker student Center, opened, with a Computer Lab furnished with brand new computers and seven classrooms that boast their own projectors, screens, and sound systems. In 2019, the Daycare Center, Solidarity House, opened, and the School was equipped with solar  panels.

This remarkable activity followed on fifteen years when the Free High School operated out of borrowed quarters–in two school buildings closed for the weekend, with our administrators head=quartered in a separate building blocks away from either. The rooms were ill adapted to our needs, and were themselves neglected.

Through the generosity of Random Acts and Child’s Play, two North American organizations with the ability to raise funds from their big-hearted volunteer members, the great building projects were made possible. A donation from the Coen Foundation, our first Nicaraguan donor, made it possible for us to open a Tourism major in the Technical Institute, a two and a half year degree.



































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