In 2019, the Free High School for Adults inaugurated a Daycare Center, Casa
Solidaridad, that provides piece of mind to many women students, by caring for their children in beautiful surroundings, furnished with books and toys and a sleeping nook, a tiny kitchen and toilet–all supervised by a trained teacher and a volunteer. The Center building, distinguished by its design and sustainable materials (it is almost entirely made of bamboo), was funded by Random Acts. Because the need was urgent, we had been offering daycare starting in 2018, but in the secretary’s office in the main building.

In 2019, the Free High School inaugurated a program, funded by HOLA, that brings 210 rural students to the New Campus to study English. The goal is for them to finish the 12 levels of English as a Second Language in three years, and ultimately receive a bilingual diploma, the first to be offered in San Juan del Sur.


__Newsletter 2018


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